Ingo Hermes is a German painter, sculptor and printmaker. He lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

His work includes sculptures, paintings and artprints in various forms of expression and techniques.

He creates artprints in small editions which you can buy in the Shop.
He also works as a graphic designer for user interfaces and logos. You can find out more about the design work on this page ︎︎︎

Since 2016 he teaches art-techniques and graphic-design at the Handwerkskammer of Cologne.

If you would like to work together with Ingo or would like to engage him for a project, please send him a mail. He will be pleased.

Send Ingo an email and say hello.

About The Shop

Every item in this shop is an original artwork by Ingo Hermes.

The artworks are printed by Hermes itself. He uses the following techniques:

• Etching
• Woodcut
• Linocut

Etching is an intaglio printing process. For this, the motif is engraved or eteched with the help of acid into a metal plate. The resulting indentations create the print in this technique.
Wood- and linocut are relief printing processes in which the artwork is cut into a wood or linoleum plate.  The raised areas are printed.

High quality papers and inks are carefully selected and each print is made by hand. Thereby slight differences are created which make each print a unique and original artwork.

If you have any questions check our FAQ or send Ingo an email.


Ingo Hermes
Lichtstraße 45
50825 Köln
0176 - 70165183