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Every item in this store is an original artwork by Ingo Hermes.

Ingo Hermes is an artist, illustrator and designer from Cologne, Germany.
As an artist he’s focused on print design. Ingo's preferred printing technique is the woodcut and linocut. The artworks available here in the store are all hand printed by Ingo Hermes using this techniques. This requires many steps from the sketch to the final print. Hermes cuts the motif he has created into a wooden plate, carefully selects high-quality colours and papers and prints each piece by hand. Thereby slight differences are created which make each print a unique and original artwork.

If you would like to work together with Ingo or would like to engage him for a project, please send him a mail. He will be pleased.

Send Ingo an email and say hello.


Ingo Hermes
Lichtstraße 45
50825 Köln
0176 - 70165183