This project was developed in cooperation with the digital agency netzlabor.

Netzlabor, who created the website of schloss benrath, asked me to redesign the logo and also develop a corporate design.

old vs. new

The Pink Dot

In Düsseldorf they call the castle the pink castle. With the circle, the simplest form, we occupied this colour and made it the trademark.This also brings a slight asymmetry to the otherwise symmetrical logo, which is typical of the era in which the castle was built - rococo.

The Process

The result looks simple, the way there was complicated. We were looking for a logo that was adaptable. It should work for the castle, the park, the two museums, but also for the café of the castle.


The identity uses 2 typefaces: Proxima Nove and Starling. Proxima Nova is the main typeface, which is also used in the logo. In addition, we decided to use the serif typeface starling, which we use in italic.

Proxima Nova


Corporate Design